About EVBuzz

We are electric vehicle professionals dedicated to the mission of changing the world of transportation without compromise.

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future, and the future is here. Now is the time to position your company for market dominance.

Our team includes top sales and management professionals from the EV industry. We have more than ten years of successful experience in selling EVs, managing sales and marketing campaigns, and team training.

We start by listening to you. How do you want to change the world of transportation?

Our Team

EV veterans who understand both the unique challenges and the unparalleled opportunities in the EV business.

Tom Hutchison

Tom Hutchison is an EV professional with a focus on leadership: how to serve as a truly effective leader, and how to create and sustain a culture of leadership in organizations.

Tom was born in Detroit, MI, and has always been fascinated with the world of automobiles: their design, performance, and critical function in our world. His professional career includes two decades as a film/video producer with projects including commercials and sales training for the automotive industry. In 2012, Tom moved to Tesla, Inc. where he worked in sales and management as a top performer for six years.

Tom lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his family. He enjoys reading, exercise, and playing baseball.

Shannon Golbienko

Shannon Golbienko is a results-driven leader with a comprehensive knowledge of the electric vehicle industry. Shannon understands the vital dynamics of a team, from the executive tier to the salesperson on the floor.

Shannon worked in sales and management at Tesla, Inc. She was a Tesla Top Ten salesperson in 2015, and as a manager Shannon was renowned for her team’s loyalty and performance. Shannon also served on the Board of Directors for one of the largest and most successful retail malls in the United States.

Shannon grew up in the greater Seattle area, with Mt. Rainier in the backdrop and the great outdoors as her playground. She loves adventuring outdoors and is dedicated to protecting our environment by accelerating the business of sustainable transportation.

Our Vision

  • Build Trust

  • Drive Results

  • Think Big

  • Dive Deep

  • Innovative

Listen first, ask great questions, speak candidly, and treat everyone with respect.

Our Services

The success of your business is our business. Let’s get to work.


  • Targeted EV retail and online strategies

  • The EV customer: challenges, opportunities, and building enduring relationships

  • Redefine brand and team culture with EV launch

  • Product knowledge as a foundation in your team culture

  • Mission-connected executives, managers, and employees

  • Teach, develop, and empower your leaders of tomorrow


  • Multimodal training tailored to your business needs

  • Skill based training: tools for business and life

  • How to engage and close the EV customer


I have had the true pleasure of working alongside both Tom and Shannon. They have single handedly shaped the EV revolution in the Washington market through their incredible sales acumen and leadership abilities. Their relentless drive to better the world through clean energy is matched by their strategic thinking, and tactical execution. They also have a natural desire and ability to help others be successful...

Sales Manager

Shannon and Tom bring a deep expertise within the electric vehicle market that will revolutionize the way humans engage with the transportation industry... Not only can Shannon and Tom support in the development of a sales process... but they bring experience and perspective for how teams and leaders come together in a way that brings the dream of a future of transportation without compromise to life.

Leadership Development Manager, Ph.D

Shannon is unstoppable. She excels at any task she takes on and will never shy away from a challenge. As a leader, she has a knack for helping those around her discover and accomplish things they never thought they could. Most importantly, Shannon is someone you can trust to do the right thing.

Sales Advisor

It is immediately evident how passionate Tom and Shannon are about electric vehicles and, more importantly, about taking care of their clients. Tom and Shannon go the extra mile to ensure that clients are informed and excited, and they have a track record of making sure the job gets done!

Automotive Manager

Tom is the definition of a servant leader...Tom leads by example and held his team accountable to matching those results.

Associate Manager

Shannon has an uncanny ability to find the strengths in each of her team members and empowers them to build on these for the collective good of the team. She also holds everyone accountable for their own development, which in turn yields higher self-confidence within her team..

Sales Advisor

I can think of no one better equipped to provide valuable insight into the process of transitioning customers from traditional vehicles to EVs than Tom Hutchison... he has the knowledge, experience, insight, passion, integrity and leadership required to provide valuable, insightful advice and assistance to automotive businesses in this evolutionary time of transition.

Sales & Delivery Advisor


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